1940's House, Bangor

1940's House, Bangor (Master Bedroom)


The soft blue grey walls are inspired by the proximity of the house to the ocean and the reflected light that comes through the French doors. The soft chocolate floor was picked by the client and gave a palette of blues, greys and taupes as a starting point for the design. The client had a love of shiny metallic surfaces, hence the gloss cabinets, the chrome stools and fittings. It is a modern space which needed to be personalised and this was achieved by using circular bronze mosaic tiles at the sink area and a damask silver splashback by the cooker which reflects the patterned wallpaper opposite. The striped silk taffeta Roman blind brings together all the tones within the kitchen and adds a touch of softness. The newly added architraving around the windows and French doors give the kitchen a sense of history, in keeping with the building and soften the new extension. The result is a comfortable, elegant usable family space that reflects the client's adventurous nature and confidence.


The classic chinoiserie wallpaper was the inspiration for this luxurious bedroom in tones of metallic silver, soft greys and oriental pearl. The headboard was upholstered in steel grey silk with cream polka dots. The curtains are a soft grey raw silk, and the carpet a luxurious velvet smoke grey. In another room this wallpaper could be overpowering, and I had to be careful because of the low ceilings, however I combated this by creating an architrave around the window to separate the pattern from the view and soften the intensity of the paper near the window. The simplicity of the curtains and the carpet creates balance and harmony while allowing the client to indulge in the decadent wallpaper. Now the owners have a luxurious restful sanctuary with a wonderful view. The result is understated Hollywood glamour.