City Apartment, Belfast

Chalkware Design Kitsch Lamp

Drawing Room

Fleur's space is a cornucopia of colour and pattern, filled with her wide collection of antiques and kitsch memorabilia. The black curtains with tulip detail are made from an old Liberty fabric, bought in her days in London. The saffron is a recurring colour in her personal palette, and these lush curtains are inspired by the Indian saris of Rajasthan. The 1950's armchairs were originally upholstered in an awful brown leatherette, and have been reupholstered in gold and green damask giving them a new lease of life and showing off their wonderful modern shape.

The chalkwear geisha lady lamp was acquired in St Georges Market in Belfast and is coupled with a lampshade bought in Dundrum car boot sale. This sits alongside a pair of porcelain Siamese cats showing that Fleur cannot resist a little bit of humour no matter where she goes. The Persian rug beside the pink Habitat sofa was inherited from her grandfather and began her life long love affair with oriental rugs. As you would expect the art on the walls is created mostly by her and her partner Kyron Bourke mixed together with other artists she has collected. Her signature vintage mirrors are scattered around the room to bounce light around. All the colours Fleur uses are historical paints with a soft matt finish, these colours were originally used in Georgian times.