Teatro Restaurant, Belfast

Teatro Restaurant, Belfast

Teatro means "theatre" in Spanish, and the inspiration for the décor in this Mediterranean restaurant is a theatre set. The walls in the back section are painted a soft grey, with trompe d'oeil drapes hand painted over the top, held up by gilded plaster flowers which emphasise the optical illusion. The table tops and the bar are hand painted in faux marble.

The restaurant is a small space, hence the oversized optical illusion flooring inspired by a restaurant in Havana which gives depth. All the lights are vintage, the golden leaf wall lights in the back section are from France, the hanging lights over the bar are mostly from the deco period and sourced individually from different auction houses. The striped silk taffeta fabric was imported from Mumbai in India and is a nod to the burlesque nightclubs in Paris in the eighteenth century and the costumes of the day.

Velvet upholstery in rich purples, with raspberry, saffron and orange accents give the space a punch of colour, and the warmth of the soft blue panelled walls in the main restaurant is a suitable backdrop to the soft lighting and candlelight.

Quirky details like the elephant lamp, the dog painting and the kitsch 1970's exotic lady in the window add humour to the space and a lightness of touch. The stage is the centre piece, with its draped opulence and pleated raspberry interior and frames the musicians as they play.

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